Sunday, 10 January 2016

The World Within

I am sitting in a train in an empty carriage, not a care in the world.  The scenery outside is beautiful.  The seat is comfortable and the train is quiet.  I feel at peace.  I relax into the seat and look out at the wonderful scenery.  Then I remember something that happened last week that upset me.  As I think about it, I start to feel anxious. “What went wrong, why did it happened” and as I focus on this, I feel myself getting more upset and agitated.
Suddenly all the peace from moments ago disappears.  The seat doesn’t feel as comfortable anymore and the scenery outside, though still beautiful, becomes a blur.  But nothing has happened.  The train is still quiet.  The carriage is still empty.  I am alone with my thoughts.  
Welcome to The World Within...

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